Cold Weather Work Gloves – A must accessories. Working outside in the winter is something very unpleasant. But for workers who work the field of social services, it’s something that cannot be avoided. Snow can block railway lines, close airports (airplanes are often unable to move in dense fog) and block roads. Therefore workers such as cleaners and police officers, firefighters and other social worker might have to work outside even in winter.

But beside these workers that have to work outside during winter, someone in our family might also need to work outside during winter for cleaning the road to clear the snow which blocking the way to and from our homes.

Why Cold Weather Work Gloves?

Our body are sensitive to cold, therefore, working outside during winter require special coat and other accessories that will protect us from cold. Hypothermia and Frostbite usually occurs from exposure to low temperatures.

According to Wikipedia, inadequate blood circulation when the ambient temperature is below freezing leads to frostbite. This can be because the body is constricting circulation to extremities on its own to preserve core temperature and fight hypothermia. In this scenario the same factors than can lead to hypothermia (extreme cold, inadequate clothing, wet clothes, wind chill) can contribute to frostbite. Read More click here.

For everyone who need to work outside during the winter, one of the equipment that they should have to support these jobs is Cold Weather Work Gloves. These working gloves need to be tough and durable, but comfortable to wear and use. These gloves are designed specifically to make hands stay warm and dry in cold situations to allow the blood to circulate easily.

You can find below some of the best selling Cold Weather working Gloves. These gloves received many positive reviews from the buyer. You can read more reviews about each gloves by clicking the picture of each glove.

Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-M Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Glove

Cold Weather Work Gloves

Prodcut Features

  • Nylon 45% / Polyurethane 20% / Polyester 15% / PVC 10% / Neoprene 7%/ Cotton 2%/ Velcro 1%
  • Youngstown’s Wateprroof Winter Plus is an incredible winter glove that will keep your hands warm and dry in cold, wet wintery conditions
  • Features a triple layer technology consisting of a MicroFleece Liner, Waterproof / Windproof Membrane and a Form-Fit Outer Shell
  • Form-fit outer shell is dexterous and reinforced with non-slip to ensure excellent grip and lasting durability
  • Waterproof and Windproof Inner Membrane keeps hands completely dry in cold, wet conditions
  • Youngstown’s Waterproof Winter Plus is built strong enough for heavy work yet is functional and dexterous enough for winter recreation

Customer Review on Youngstown Glove

4.0 out of 5 stars Very nice, just what I needed. January 18, 2009 By S. Holmes

I bought these gloves because the winter gloves I’ve had are big and puffy and make doing pretty much any sort of small work impossible.

These gloves, while a little more cumbersome than I had hoped are very warm and very waterproof while still being very breathable and easy to work with.

I’ve also used them whenever I need to do some work outside whether that be turning valves or picking up tree branches and while I’m not sure they’d stand up to all day work for more than a winter so far they’ve done everything I’ve asked.

One problem that I have had with them is that the liner has a tendency to get bunched up in the fingers and sometimes that can be a little bit of a pain in the butt to get unbunched. It only happens in one of my gloves though so maybe it is a rare thing.

EDIT: 12/22/2010 I bought another pair when I saw them pop up on the deal of the day page. They are still in the package though because the original set I bought are still going strong. After almost 3 winters none of the seems are busting, the gloves are still waterproof and as warm as the day I bought them. I’m very happy with them.

DeWalt DPG750L Extreme Condition 100g Insulated Cold Weather Work Glove

Cold Weather Work GloveProduct Features

  • 70% Polyester/30%Nylon
  • Wind and waterproof, quad-layer, 100g micro fleece liner
  • Water and oil resistant palm with double palm overlay protects while improving grip
  • Gauntlet cuff for extended protection
  • Durable PU coated polyester shell
  • Nylon covered neoprene knuckle for added protection

Customer Review on Dewalt DPG750L 

5.0 out of 5 stars Warm and great gloves, May 19, 2011 By ancientathlete

This review is from: DeWalt DPG750L Extreme Condition 100g Insulated Cold Weather Work Glove, Large (Tools & Home Improvement)

These are excellent gloves if you work outdoors. These are not for you if you must do detail work with your hands. They are well made and warm. Best gloves I have ever owned.

4.0 out of 5 stars Save Your Fingers!, March 21, 2011 By Catherine James

This review is from: DeWalt DPG750XL Extreme Condition 100g Insulated Cold Weather Work Glove, X-Large (Tools & Home Improvement)

I bought these for my son who was working construction over the winter. He said they were the best Christmas present he ever received. They keep his hands toasty for prolonged periods of exposure to very cold temperatures and wind. His only complaint is that his hands sweat a bit when he’s working hard. But, hey… a small price to pay to save your fingers!

Milwaukee 49-17-0142 Cold Weather Work Gloves
Cold Weather Work Gloves

Product Features

  • Synthetic palm with exclusive Suregrip synthetic patches
  • Accordion knuckle panel
  • Snug elongated neoprene cuff
  • Fleece lined spandex back and palm
  • Machine washable

Customer review on Milwaukee Cold Weather Work Gloves

3.0 out of 5 stars Not for below freezing; otherwise OK. December 21, 2010 By KaiserFrazer67


These gloves are okay for moderately cold weather, which means at 32 degrees or above (for the benefit of non-U.S. readers, all temperature references will be in degrees Fahrenheit). I first tried these gloves on a windy, 10-degree day after a major snowstorm here a couple weeks ago, while cleaning off my car. My hands got so cold after about 5-7 minutes I had to go in the house to switch gloves. Neoprene and other synthetic materials are notorious conductors of cold, so I figured that was going to happen. Well, it was warmer today, about 31-32 degrees, and dead calm, so I tried them once again to finish snowblowing the remaining 1/3 of my driveway and clean off the other car, which I hadn’t finished two weeks ago. Spent over an hour outside doing these things while using these gloves, and no problems. So, there is definitely a comfort threshold with these gloves. Don’t use them when it’s below freezing outside; otherwise, they seem to be fine. (Also, don’t handle wet snow with these if you can help it; you will feel it INSTANTLY.)

Read More click here.

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